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insitumed probably offers the widest range of cleaning brushes/pads for surgical and endoscopic instruments and many other medical devices. The finest cleaning brushes start at 1mm brush head - a masterpiece of precision engineering. 

Insitumed offers the complete basic need for flexible endoscopy. This means that it can be bundled into a complete provider and enormous savings potentials in procurement, bundling, order quantity optimisation and documentation are released.


We have used our many years of experience in sterile and endoscope logistics to expand our range of transport trolleys for medical products such as endoscopes. All trolleys are now made of V4A stainless steel with brush finish. For departments with space problems we now also offer a trolley with 5 trays, which can be used "under the table". The trolleys/shells are compatible with leading endoscopy systems. Trays and trolleys can be reprocessed in large chamber trolley washers. This also allows existing systems on the market to be "upgraded". Of course, we also have protective films for transport trays.

Our complete range of unique process controls for the entire treatment cycle enables simple and continuous monitoring of all treatment steps. We strongly recommend that you select the correct reprocessing steps and validate the individual steps through complete documentation and routine controls, such as: residual protein determination of reprocessed instruments, etc. Depending on the country-specific legal regulations, residual protein determination using the Medi-Check Immediate Test is performed without or with an incubator, and within minutes you will have a clear indication of the success of your cleaning.




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